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Your status on Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace can be read by hundreds of your online friends. By donating your status to the Chicken Out! campaign, you will help draw more people to the website and spread awareness about chicken welfare.

If you want to support the call for a free-range future, here’s how to donate your status this week!

  1. Choose and copy a status from the ideas list below
  2. Paste the line into your status or put together your own message
  3. Change or repost it every day this weekfacebook_profile

Not on Facebook or Twitter?

If you are not a member of a social networking site, you can still take part by contacting all your friends and family in your email address book and urging then to join you and take part at

You can use the links found in the top right corner of the pages on this site.



Chicken Out! needs to reach more and more people to raise awareness of the suffering taking place on factory farms every day and show people how their choices can make a difference to millions of animals. You can help reach thousands of new people by using your email contacts and status on social networking sites. By donating your status, your friends, their friends and their friends’ friends would take a moment to visit the website and find out what the campaign is about.

It's that simple….

Ideas for your status:

  • “…is donating her/his status to save the chicks! Cluck on ”
  • “…is part of a free-range future. Join me at”
  • “…wants to see an end to the factory farming of chickens. Find out how to help at ”
  • “…loves chickens and wants to help create a free-range future.”
  • “…thinks happy chickens are the best. Do you?”

For your tweet you can use the tag: #chickenout

Make your status chicken-friendly!

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